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Ultrachrist! ★★ 2003

It's the 21st century and Jesus is back in town—New York City, to be exact—but soon realizes that the old ways of getting his word out aren't cutting. So he dons a skintight superhero suit and assumes the alias Ultrachrist. But Dad isn't thrilled with this newfangled approach and Christ must prove himself, while battling his archenemy the Antichrist. Further proof that one person's blasphemy is another's fun. 92m/C VHS, DVD . Jonathan C. Green, Celia A. Montgomery, Dara Shindler, Jordan Hoffman, Danielle Langlois, Samantha Dark, Nathaniel Graves, Bob Cohen, Jurgen Fauth, Marty Grillo, Rob Haussman, Ryan V. McCallum, Steve Montague, Leila Nelson, Michael R. Thomas; D: Kerry Douglas Dye; W: Kerry Douglas Dye, Jordan Hoffman; C: Peter Olsen; M: Howard Leshaw. VIDEO