Torremolinos 73

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Torremolinos 73 ★★½ 2003

Alfredo (Camara) is a struggling encyclopedia salesman in Spain during the waning days of Franco's puritanical regime. Desperate for money, he and his wife Carmen (Pena) are initially reluctant partners in his boss, Don Carlos' (Diego), latest scheme: producing “educational” Super8 sex films for the Scandinavian market. They turn out to be naturals, with Alfredo directing and Carmen starring. Then Alfredo gets ambitious and decides he wants to be the new Ingmar Bergman, writing a script (the movie's title) and persuading a disillusioned Carmen to go along with his idea. Spanish and Danish with subtitles. 91m/C DVD . Javier Camara, Candela Pena, Juan Diego, Malena Alterio, Fernando Tejero; D: Pablo Berger; W: Pablo Berger; C: Kiko de la Rica.

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Torremolinos 73

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