Top Dog

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Top Dog ★½ 1995 (PG-13)

Another copanddogteamuptogetthebadguys flick. This one, however, is meant to appeal to the kids who liked “Sidekicks.” That raises a problem with the unfortunately topical rightwinghate groupbombing plot. Jake Wilder (Norris), a beerswil lin' karatechoppin' loner cop, teams up with canine Reno, whose expartner was killed by the neo-Nazi terrorists. Weak script and erratic storyline can't find a comfortable balance between the toocute pooch scenes and the (admittedly toned down) violence. Reno steals every scene he's in, and provides the flick's few redeeming moments. 93m/C VHS, DVD . Chuck Norris, Clyde Kusatsu, Michele Lamar Richards, Carmine Caridi, Peter Savard Moore, Erik von Detten, Herta Ware, Kai Wulff, Francesco Quinn, Timothy Bottoms; D: Aaron Norris; W: Ron Swanson; C: Joao Fernandes.

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