Time Without Pity

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Time Without Pity ★★½ 1957

Anticapital punishment plea finds desperate alcoholic David Graham (Redgrave) discovering that his son Alec (McCowen) is about to be executed for murder. But David doesn't believe in the boy's guilt and has 24 hours to find the real killer. The audience knows Alec is innocent from the getgo, making for a certain suspense. Based on the play “Someone Waiting” by Emlyn Williams. 88m/B VHS, DVD . GB Michael Redgrave, Alec McCowen, Ann Todd, Leo McKern, Peter Cushing, Renee Houston, Paul Daneman, Lois Maxwell, Richard Wordsworth, George Devine, Joan Plowright; D: Joseph Losey; W: Ben Barzman; C: Freddie Francis; M: Tristram Cary.