Thierauf, Robert James

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THIERAUF, Robert James

THIERAUF, Robert James. American, b. 1933. Genres: Administration/ Management, Business/Trade/Industry, Information science/Computers. Career: Coopers & Lybrand, 1958-63; Xavier University, Dept of Management and Information Systems, Cincinnati, OH, chairman, 1968-80, now professor emeritus of information systems. Publications: Decision Making through Operation Research, 1970, rev. ed., 1975; Data Processing for Business and Management, 1973; Systems Analysis and Design of Real-Time Management Information Systems, 1975; Management Principles and Practices, 1977; An Introductory Approach to Operations Research, 1978; Distributed Processing Systems, 1978; Management Auditing, 1980; An Introduction to Data Processing for Business, 1980; Systems Analysis and Design, 1980, rev. ed., 1986; Effective Information Systems Management, 1982; Decision Support Systems for Effective Planning and Control, 1982; A Manager's Complete Guide to Effective Information Systems, 1983; Effective Management and Information Systems, 1984, rev. ed., 1987; Management Science, 1985; A Problem-Finding Approach to Effective Corporate Planning, 1987; User- Oriented Decision Support Systems, 1988; Effective Information Centers, 1988; New Directions in MIS Management, 1988; Group Decision Support Systems for Effective Decision Making, 1989; Expert Systems in Finance and Accounting, 1990; Electronic Data Interchange in Finance and Accounting, 1990; Executive Information Systems, 1991; Image Processing Systems in Business, 1992; Creative Computer Software for Strategic Thinking and Decision Making, 1993; Effective Management and Evaluation of Information Technology, 1994; Virtual Reality Systems for Business, 1995; On-Line Analytical Processing Systems for Business, 1997; Knowledge Management Systems for Business, 1999; Effective Business Intelligence Systems, 2001; Smart Business Systems for the Optimized Organization, 2003. Address: Xavier University, Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45207, U.S.A.