Tarzan and the Lost City

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Tarzan and the Lost City ★★½ Tarzan and Jane; Greystoke 2: Tarzan and Jane 1998 (PG)

Gorgeous locations in South Africa are a decided plus in this routine hero/adventure story. Lord Greystoke, AKA Tarzan (Van Dien), returns to Africa from England in order to save his home from mercenaries hunting the lost city of Opar. Spunky fiance Jane (March) heads to the jungle after her Ape Man and gets into (and out of) trouble with bad guy Nigel Ravens (Waddington). Not very convincing special effects but Van Dien looks good in his loincloth and has the action moves down cold. 84m/C VHS, DVD . Casper Van Dien, Jane March, Steven Waddington, Winston Ntshona, Rapulana Seiphemo, Ian Roberts; D: Carl Schenkel; W: Bayard Johnson, J. Anderson Black; C: Paul Gilpin; M: Christopher Franke.