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Switchback ★★ Going West in America 1997 (R)

FBI agent Frank Lacrosse (Quaid) pursues the serial killer who kidnapped his son. Against the backdrop of a Texas sheriff's election and a Colorado snowstorm, the killer, who may or may not be a former rail worker (Glover) or the hitchhicking ex-doctor (Leto) he picked up, leads Lacrosse on a convoluted cat-and-mouse game with no apparent logic or motive. First-time director Stuart, who wrote “Die Hard” and “The Fugitive,” wrote this one in film school, and it shows. Connect-the-dots set pieces and plot twists only provide Quaid more time to perfect his Harrison Ford impression and Glover more scenery and dialogue to chew. Ermey is impressive as the put-upon small-town sheriff. Stunt work is well done and the Colorado countryside looks great. 120m/C VHS, DVD . Dennis Quaid, Danny Glover, Jared Leto, R. Lee Ermey, William Fichtner, Ted Levine, Leo Burmester, Merle Kennedy, Julio Oscar Mechoso; D: Jeb Stuart; W: Jeb Stuart; C: Oliver Wood; M: Basil Poledouris.