Sweet Smell of Success

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Sweet Smell of Success ★★★½ 1957

Powerful and ruthless New York City gossip columnist J.J. Hunsecker (Lancaster) writes a syndicated newspaper column that pandering press agent Sidney Falco (Curtis) is desperate to have his clients be a part of. Hunsecker only cares about the welfare of his younger sister, Susan (Harrison), and is outraged over her budding romance with jazz musician Steve Dalls (Milner). So he strong arms Falco into breaking up the relationship, with unexpected consequences. Engrossing performances, great dialogue. 96m/C VHS, DVD . Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Martin Milner, Barbara Nichols, Sam Levene, Susan Harrison; D: Alexander MacKendrick; W: Ernest Lehman, Clifford Odets; C: James Wong Howe; M: Elmer Bernstein. Natl. Film Reg. ‘93.