Surf 2

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Surf 2 WOOf! Surf 2: The End of the Trilogy 1984 (R)

A most excellent group of surfers get sick from drinking tainted Buzz Cola concocted by demented chemist Deezen in most heinous effort to obliterate surfer population from Southern California. Bogus, dude. No, you didn't miss “Surf 1” (there's not one), the title is the sort of in-joke this exercise in mental meltdown perpetuates as comedy. Ha. 91m/C VHS . Morgan Paull, Cleavon Little, Lyle Waggoner, Ruth Buzzi, Linda Kerridge, Carol Wayne, Eddie Deezen, Eric Stoltz, Brandis Kemp, Terry Kiser; D: Randall Badat; W: Randall Badat; M: Peter Bernstein.