Sunshine 2007

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Sunshine ★★½ 2007 (R)

The year is 2057, and the sun is dying. A previous mission to reignite it has failed, and the pluckiest, prettiest crew of scientists ever assembled is sent with a massive nuclear bomb to do the job, and of course, technical and human calamities seemingly cobbled from other big-screen space odysseys ensue. Stunning visuals and lots of claustrophobic suspense mix with metaphysical ookiness, and the cast is crack, but even sci-fi fans who can forgive the deja vu will be tested by the “what-planet-are-you-on?” ending. 107m/C DVD, Blu-ray Disc . GB US Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Rose Byrne, Michelle Yeoh, Hiroyuki (Henry) Sanada, Clifford Curtis, Troy Garity, Benedict Wong, Mark Strong; D: Danny Boyle; W: Alex Garland; C: Alwin Kuchler; M: John Murphy.