The Sum of Us

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The Sum of Us ★★★ 1994 (R)

Sweet and faithful adaptation of David Stevens' stage play about a father and his gay son. Widowed Harry Mitchell (Thompson) shares his house with son Jeff (Crowe), who's never made a secret of his sexual orientation. Affable Harry only wants what's best for his boy, including his over-enthusiastic welcome to Jeff's potential new boyfriend (Polson). Too bad Harry's not so lucky in love—his new woman friend Joyce (Kennedy) has problems with Jeff's sexuality. Well, she just has to adjust. Pervasive feel-good message may leave less well-adjusted viewer addled. Sensitive performances, though the film's antecedents as a play are highlighted by having the main characters talk directly to the camera. Aussie slang provides a challenge. 99m/C VHS, DVD . AU Jack Thompson, Russell Crowe, John Polson, Deborah Kennedy, Mitch Mathews, Julie Herbert, Joss Moroney, Rebekah Elmaloglou; D: Kevin Dowling, Geoff Burton; W: David Stevens; C: Geoff Burton; M: Dave Faulkner. Australian Film Inst. '94: Adapt. Screenplay; Montreal World Film Fest. '94: Screenplay.

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The Sum of Us

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