The Suburbans

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The Suburbans ★½ 1999 (R)

Bland and not very funny ensemble comedy. The Suburbans were an '80s one-hit wonder band who reunite 18 years later at member Gil's (Ferrell) wedding. Their impromptu reunion draws the attention of unlikely record company talent scout Kate (Hewitt), who decides she wants to resurrect their would-be music careers. The music satire is funny but the domestic angst is boring. 81m/C VHS, DVD . Jennifer Love Hewitt, Will Ferrell, Donal Lardner Ward, Craig Bierko, Amy Brenneman, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, Tony Guma, Robert Loggia, Antonio Fargas, Ben Stiller, Jerry Stiller; D: Donal Lardner Ward; W: Donal Lardner Ward, Tony Guma; C: Michael Barrett; M: Robbie Kondor.