The Substance of Fire

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The Substance of Fire ★★ 1996 (R)

Publisher Isaac Geldhart (Rifkin) is an autocrat in both his business and his personal life, which may be why he's having so much trouble with both. A Holocaust survivor, Geldhart's obsessive about publishing a lavish four-volume history of Nazi medical experiments that will bankrupt the family firm. So his children wind up ousting him from the company and Isaac slowly slips over the edge into madness. Very King Lear, with an astonishing performance by Rifkin who also played the character in Baitz's 1991 Off-Broadway play. 100m/C VHS, DVD . Ron Rifkin, Tony Goldwyn, Timothy Hutton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ronny Graham, Elizabeth Franz, Gil Bellows; D: Daniel Sullivan; W: Jon Robin Baitz; C: Robert Yeoman; M: Joseph Vitarelli.

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The Substance of Fire

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