Song Without End

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Song Without End ★★ ½ 1960

This musical biography of 19th century Hungarian pianist/composer Franz Lizst is given the Hollywood treatment. The lavish production emphasizes Liszt's scandalous exploits with married women and his life among the royal courts of Europe rather than his musical talents. Features music from several composers including Handel, Beethoven, Bach and Schumann. This film marked the debut of Capucine. Director Vidor died during filming and Cukor stepped in, so there is a noticeable change in style. Although there is much to criticize in the story, the music is beautiful. D Mephisto Waltz; Spozalizio; Sonata In B Minor; Un Sospiro; Fantasy on Themes From “Rigoletto”; Consolation in D Flat; Liebestraum; Les Preludes; Piano Concerto No. 1. 130m/C VHS, DVD . Dirk Bogarde, Capucine, Genevieve Page, Patricia Morison, Ivan Desny, Martita Hunt, Lou Jacobi; D: Charles Vidor, George Cukor; C: James Wong Howe; M: Morris Stoloff, Harry Sukman. Oscars '60: Scoring/Musical; Golden Globes '61: Film—Mus./Comedy.