Song of Love

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Song of Love ★★★ A Love Story 1947

Hepburn gracefully depicts the gifted 19th-century concert pianist Clara Wieck Schumann, who set aside her talents to be the wife of composer Robert Schumann and care for their seven children, which she did by herself after his untimely death in a mental facility. Clara shunned a marriage proposal from her deceased husband's star pupil, Johannes Brahms, who had long been infatuated with her, in order to dedicate her life to performing Schumann's works. 121m/B VHS, DVD . Katharine Hepburn, Paul Henreid, Robert Walker, Henry Daniell, Leo G. Carroll, Gigi Perreau, Ann Carter, Jimmy Hunt, Elsa (Else) Janssen, Janine Perreau, Eilene Janssen, Roman Bohnen, Ludwig Stossel, Tala Birell, Konstantin Shayne, Henry Stephenson; D: Clarence Brown; W: Robert Ardrey, Ivan Tors, Allen Vincent; C: Harry Stradling Sr.