Solitaire for 2

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Solitaire for 2 ★★ ½ 1994 (R)

Sweet-natured romantic comedy about a rogue and a psychic. Handsome Daniel Becker (Frankel) is a behavioral psychologist who specializes in interpreting body language and using his expertise to bed as many beautiful women as happen his way. Uptight paleontologist Katie (Pays) has a problem with men—she can literally read their minds and gets angry at their lewd thoughts. So the path to true commitment is going to get a bit bumpy. 105m/C VHS . GB Mark Frankel, Amanda Pays, Roshan Seth, Maryam D'Abo, Jason Isaacs, Annette Crosbie; D: Gary Sinyor; W: Gary Sinyor; C: Henry Braham; M: David A. Hughes, John Murphy.