Soft Fruit

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Soft Fruit ★★ ½ 1999 (R)

Patsy (Drynan) is dying of cancer and, though her grumpy husband (Haft) isn't happy about it, her four children show up to care for her—the first time in 15 years that all the family has been together. The three sisters (Lemon, Horler, Talbot) have a long-standing case of sibling rivalry and son Bo (Dykstra) is only out on a prison parole because of his mother's condition. But Patsy has some definite ideas about how she wants to spend her last days, whatever her family thinks. 101m/C VHS . AU Jeanie Drynan, Genevieve Lemon, Sacha Horler, Linal Haft, Alicia Talbot, Russell Dykstra; D: Christina Andreef; W: Christina Andreef; C: Laszlo Baranyai; M: Antony Partos. Australian Film Inst. '99: Actor (Dykstra), Support. Actress (Horler).