Soft for Digging

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Soft for Digging ★½ 2001

Something evil is happening in the Maryland woods. Virgil (Mercier) is a hermit-like old man who believes he sees a man strangle a young girl (Ingerson) in the forest. Of course, when the cops arrive there's no body and nothing to indicate a crime happened. But Virgil knows it did— since the little girl is haunting him, demanding justice. Film is nearly without dialogue and title cards divide the scenes. It's an interesting but generally amateurish experiment. 78m/C DVD . Edmond Mercier, Sarah Ingerson, Andrew Hewitt, David Husko, Joshua Billings; D: J.T. Petty; W: J.T. Petty; C: Patrick McGraw; M: James L. Wolcott.