Singer, Muff

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SINGER, Muff. American, b. 1942. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Writer. Formerly a Peace Corps volunteer stationed in the Philippines, 1965- 67; a teacher in Los Angeles; and the chief of staff for a leader of the California State Assembly, for ten years. Volunteer in several political campaigns. Publications: (with A. Corsaut and R. Wagner) The Mystery Readers' Quiz Book, 1981; (with N. Lamb) Rhyme and Reason, 1987; How Many Hippos?, 1990; The Great ABC Treasure Hunt, 1990; Animal Rhymes and Scramble Puzzles, 1990; Balderdash the Brilliant, 1991; Hello, Piglet!, 1993; Little Lamb Lost, 1993; Puppy Says 1, 2, 3, 1993; What Does Kitty See?, 1993; Bunny's Hungry, 1993; Little Duck's Friends, 1994; (with N. Lamb) The World's Greatest Toe Show, 1994; (with N. Lamb) The Vampires Went Thataway, 1995; (with S. Tuttle-Singer) Look Around with Little Fish, 1995; All Year Round with Little Frog, 1995; Busy Bee, 1995; Butterfly's Surprise, 1995; Cricket's Song, 1995; Lucky Ladybug, 1995; Bethlehem's Busy: What's Going On?, 1996; Little Bunny's Busy Book, 1996; Baby's First Nativity, 1997; Happy the Hippo, 1997; Little Lamb's Big Question, 1997; God's Little Lamb: A Little Hugs Book, 1997; A Puppy to Love, 1997; Let's Play, Little Lamb!, 1998; Baby's First Prayers: Original Poems, 1998; Little Bunny's Special Day, 1998; Anna's Rubber Duck, 1998; God's Little Puppy, 1998; The Littlest Reindeer, 1998. TINY HUGS BOOKS (WITH R.S. GORDON): Bedtime for Tiny Mouse, 1997; Quiet as a Tiny Mouse, 1997; Tiny Monkey Can, Too!, 1997; Tiny Penguin's Flying Lesson, 1997; Tiny Pig's Big Adventure, 1997. Contributor to periodicals. Address: 3635 Tilden Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034, U.S.A.