Singer, Pesaḥ

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SINGER, PESAḤ (1816–1898), Hungarian rabbi. Born in Ungarisch-Brod (Uhersky Brod), Singer studied at the yeshivah of Moses Sofer in Pressburg. For a number of years he was director of education of the Papa community. In 1846 he was appointed rabbi of Varpalota and in 1871 of Kirchdorf (Szepesujfalu). He was renowned as a talmudist, and A.B.S. Sofer, author of the Ketav Sofer, said wittily of him "there is no 'Second Pesaḥ' in our times." He was an assiduous student all his life and used to study standing, garbed in tallit and tefillin.


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[Samuel Weingarten-Hakohen]