Singer, Jerome L(eonard)

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SINGER, Jerome L(eonard)

SINGER, Jerome L(eonard). American, b. 1924. Genres: Psychology. Career: Veterans Administration, Philadelphia, member of staff of Mental Hygiene Clinic, 1946-50; Franklin D. Roosevelt Veterans Administration Hospital, Montrose, NY, chief of research section, 1950-55, acting chief of psychotherapy section, 1951-52; William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Psychology, psychotherapist, 1953-59; Columbia University, Teachers College, lecturer in clinical psychology and research associate at Institute of Psychological Research, 1957-63; City University of New York, professor of psychology, 1963-72, program director at Center for Research in Cognition and Affect, 1969-72; Yale University, professor of psychology and director of clinical psychology training program, 1972-, and co-director at Family Television Research and Consultation Center. Private practice of psychology, 1953-98; psychotherapist at Tappan Zee Mental Health Center, Inc., 1954-55; member of advisory board of Family Service Society, Tarrytown, NY, 1966-67. Visiting professor at Adelphi University, 1962. Publications: Daydreaming, 1966; (with E. Biblow and others) The Child's World of Make-Believe, 1973; Imagery and Daydream Methods in Psychotherapy and Behavior Modification, 1974; The Inner World of Daydreaming, 1975; (with D.G. Singer) Partners in Play, 1977; (with E. Switzer) Mind Play, 1980; (with D.G. Singer) Television, Imagination, and Aggression, 1981; (with D.M. Zuckerman and D.G. Singer) Getting the Most out of TV, 1981; (with D.M. Zuckerman and D.G. Singer) Teaching Television, 1981; The Human Personality, 1984; Repression and Dissociation, 1990; The House of Make-Believe, 1990; The Parent's Guide, 1990; (with D.G. Singer) Creating Critical Viewers, 1992; (with D.G. Singer) Make-Believe, 2001. EDITOR: The Control of Aggression and Violence, 1971; (with K.S. Pope) The Stream of Consciousness, 1978; (with K.S. Pope) The Power of Human Imagination, 1978; (with H. Morowitz) Mind, Brain and Complex Adaptive Systems, 1994; (with D.G. Singer) Handbook of Children and the Media, 2001. Address: Dept of Psychology, Yale University, PO Box 208205, New Haven, CT 06520-8205, U.S.A.