Shooting Fish

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Shooting Fish ★★½ 1998 (PG)

London conartists Dylan (Futterman) and Jez (Townsend) hire perky temp Georgie (Beckinsale) to lend an air of authenticity to one of their scams. She charms them both, while figuring out that they're not the legit businessmen they pretend to be. When one of their scams goes awry, landing them in prison, Georgie helps them out. All the whiile, she's trying to figure out a way to save her retarded brother's home from her greedy fiance. Breezy, fun comedy benefits from great chemistry between the likable leads, but suffers from plot overload near the end. 109m/C VHS, DVD . GB Dan Futterman, Stuart Townsend, Kate Beckinsale, Dominic Mafham, Claire Cox, Nickolas Grace, Peter Capaldi, Annette Crosbie, Jane Lapotaire; D: Stefan Schwartz; W: Stefan Schwartz, Richard Holmes; C: Henry Braham; M: Stanislas Syrewicz.