Shooting Dogs

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Shooting Dogs ★★ Beyond the Gates 2005 (R)

The Ecole Technique Officielle is a secondary school located in Kigali, Rwanda. Young British teacher Joe Connor (Dancy) is getting his feet wet by spending a year at the school, run by steadfast Father Christopher (Hurt). Tensions are building between the Hutu and Tutsi factions and the school eventually becomes an uncertain shelter amidst the genocide. Film comes off as wellintentioned but overly familiar, although Hurt is a highlight. 115m/C DVD . GB GE John Hurt, Hugh Dancy, Dominique Horwitz, Nicola Walker, Louis Mahoney, Steve Toussaint; D: Michael Caton-Jones; W: Richard Wolstencroft; C: Ivan Strasburg; M: Dario Marianelli.