Sherlock: Case of Evil

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Sherlock: Case of Evil ★★½ Case of Evil 2002 (R)

A young Sherlock Holmes (D'Arcy) is out to make a name for himself in London where he is hired by drug lord Ben Harrington (Rodger) to discover who is killing the local dealers and introducing a new narcotic—heroin—in an effort to control the market. That will turn out to be Professor Moriarty (D'Onofrio); also in the mix is Mycroft Holmes (Grant), who here is a drug addict, and Dr. Watson (Morlidge), who is not Sherlock's confidante at this time. In fact, Holmes's assistant is actress Rebecca (Anwar), who has her own agenda. 100m/C VHS, DVD . James D'Arcy, Vincent D'Onofrio, Gabrielle Anwar, Roger Morlidge, Struan Rodger, Nicholas Gecks, Richard E. Grant; D: Graham Theakston; W: Piers Ashworth; C: Lukas Strebel; M: Mike Moran. CABLE

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Sherlock: Case of Evil

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