Sherman, Archie

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SHERMAN, ARCHIE (1911– ), British property developer and philanthropist. Sherman was born and educated in Cardiff, S. Wales. In 1939 he moved to London, where he earned a reputation as an expert on shop properties and, after a successful career in real-estate, was invited to join the City Centre Public Property Company as a co-director with Charles Clore and Jack Cotton.

His overriding interest, however, was in supporting worthy causes, and though his Charity Foundation promoted the advancement of medical science at four of Britain's leading teaching hospitals (Guy's, St. Mary's, Barths, and Stoke Manderville) as well as a number of Jewish and general domestic charities.

He took up residence in Tel Aviv and eventually became a citizen of Israel. Over the years, he sponsored some 40 major projects across the expanse of Israel, from hospitals and homes for immigrants, sports centers and schools, university faculties and centers of Torah learning to day centers and kindergartens, several synagogues and mikva'ot.

He is only philanthropist to be accorded the distinction of a "double-first", as the First Worthy (Neeman) of Jerusalem and the First Neeman of Tel Aviv-Jaffa for his contributions to the upbuilding of Israel.

[Morris Unterman]

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Sherman, Archie

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