Shadow Magic

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Shadow Magic ★★½ 2000 (PG)

Englishman Raymond Wallace (Harris) turns up in Peking in 1902 with a handcranked, black and white, soundless camera and projector, thus bringing the first moving images to China. Local photographer Liu Jinglun (Yu), intrigued by the new technolgy, bridges the cultural barriers between Raymond and the community, causing problems of loyalty with his own family and friends and even jeopardizing his marriage chances. Mandarin with subtitles. 115m/C VHS, DVD . GE Jared Harris, Xia Yu, Peiqi Liu, Liping Lu, Xing Yufei, Wang Jingming, Li Yusheng; D: Ann Hu; W: Ann Hu, Huang Dan, Tang Louyi, Kate Raisz, Bob McAndrew; C: Nancy Schreiber; M: Zhang Lida.