Shadow of Doubt

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Shadow of Doubt ★★½ 1998 (R)

L.A. defense attorney Kitt Devereux (Girffiths) likes highprofile cases. And her latest has the added tension of being prosecuted by exlover, Asst. D.A. Jack Campioni (Berenger). Kitt works with an investigaotr (Lewis) to prove a rapper (Dominguez) innocent of murder while being threatened by an accused rapist (Sheffer) and a prominent Senator, who's angling for a presidential nomination. How everything ties together is something Kitt will have to figure out if she wants to discover the truth. 103m/C VHS . Melanie Griffith, Tom Berenger, Craig Sheffer, Huey Lewis, John Ritter, Wade Dominguez; D: Randal Kleiser; W: Raymond De Felitta, Myra Byanka.