Selbourne, David

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SELBOURNE, David. British, b. 1937. Genres: Plays/Screenplays, Politics/ Government, Social commentary, Ethics. Publications: The Play of William Cooper and Edmund Dew-Nevett, 1968; The Two-Backed Beast, 1969; Dorabella, 1970; Samson, and Alison Mary Fagan, 1971; The Damned, 1971; Class Play, 1973; Brook's Dream: The Politics of Theatre, 1974; What's Acting, and Think of a Story, Quickly!, 1977; An Eye to India, 1977; An Eye to China, 1978; Through the Indian Looking-Glass, 1982; The Making of a Midsummer Night's Dream, 1983; Against Socialist Illusion: A Radical Argument, 1985; Left Behind: Journeys into British Politics, 1987; Death of the Dark Hero: Eastern Europe, 1987-1990, 1990; The Spirit of the Age: An Account of Our Times, 1993; The Principle of Duty: An Essay on the Foundations of the Civic Order, 1994; Moral Evasion, 1999. EDITOR: A Doctor's Life, 1989; (and trans.) J. d'Ancona, The City of Light, 1997. Address: c/o Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson, 3 South Terrace, London SW7 2TB, England. Online address: [email protected]