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SCHLEIN, Miriam. American. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction. Career: Writer of books for children. Publications: A Day at the Playground, 1951; Tony s Pony, 1952; Shapes, 1952; Go with the Sun, 1952; Fast Is Not a Ladybug, 1953; The Four Little Foxes, 1953; When Will the World Be Mine?, 1953; Heavy Is a Hippopotamus, 1954; The Sun Looks Down, 1954; How Do You Travel?, 1954; Elephant Herd, 1954; It's about Time, 1955; City Boy, Country Boy, 1955; Oomi, the New Hunter, 1955; Little Red Nose, 1955; Puppy's House, 1955; Big Talk, 1955, 1990; Lazy Day, 1955; Henry's Ride, 1956; Deer in the Snow, 1956; Something for Now, Something for Later, 1956; Little Rabbit, The High Jumper, 1957; Amazing Mr. Pelgrew, 1957; The Big Cheese, 1958; The Bumblebee's Secret, 1958; Home, The Tale of a Mouse, 1958; Herman McGregor's World, 1958; Kittens, Cubs and Babies, 1959; The Fisherman's Day, 1959; My Family, 1960; The Sun, The Wind, the Sea, and the Rain, 1960; Laurie's New Brother, 1961; Amuny, Boy of Old Egypt, 1961; The Pile of Junk, 1962; Snow Time, 1962; The Snake in the Carpool, 1963; The Way Mothers Are, 1963; Who?, 1963; The Big Green Thing, 1963; Big Lion, Little Lion, 1964; Billy, the Littlest One, 1966; The Best Place, 1968; My House, 1971; Moon-Months and Sun-Days, 1972; Juju-Sheep and the Python's Moonstone, 1973; The Rabbit's World, 1973; What's Wrong with Being a Skunk?, 1974; The Girl Who Would Rather Climb Trees, 1975; Metric, 1975; Bobo the Troublemaker, 1976; Giraffe, the Silent Giant, 1976; I, Tut, 1978; On the Track of the Mystery Animal, 1978; Snake Fights, Rabbit Fights and More, 1979; Lucky Porcupine, 1980; Antarctica, the Great White Continent, 1980; Billions of Bats, 1982; Project Panda Watch, 1984; The Dangerous Life of the Sea Horse, 1986; What the Elephant Was, 1986; Big Talk, 1988; Pigeons, 1989; That's Not Goldie!, 1990; The Year of the Panda, 1990; I Sailed with Columbus, 1991; Let's Go Dinosaur Tracking!, 1991; Discovering Dinosaur Babies, 1991; Squirrel Watching, 1992; Just Like Me, 1993; Secret Land of the Past, 1993; The Dino Quiz Book, 1995; More Than One, 1996; Before the Dinosaurs, 1996; The Puzzle of the Dinosaur-Bird, 1996; What's a Penguin Doing in a Place Like This?, 1997; Sleep Safe, Little Whale, 1997; What the Dinosaurs Saw, 1998; Round & Square, 1999; Hello, Hello!, 2002. Address: 19 E 95th St Apt 4R, New York, NY 10128-0790, U.S.A.

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