Saturday the 14th Strikes Back

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Saturday the 14th Strikes Back ★ 1988

Continuing the name, but not the story line, cast, or characters of the original, this one concerns the inva sion of a birthday party by a vampire (Stonebrook) and her monstrous friends. The monsters decide that the birthday boy (Presson) should be their new leader. Pretty lame, even by the original's standards. 91m/C VHS, DVD . Ray Walston, Avery Schreiber, Patty McCormack, Julianne McNamara, Rhonda Aldrich, Daniel Will-Harris, Joseph Ruskin, Pamela Stonebrook, Phil Leeds, Jason Presson, Michael Berryman, Victoria Morsell; D: Howard R. Cohen; W: Howard R. Cohen; C: Levie Isaacks; M: Parmer Fuller.