Running Mates 2000

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Running Mates ★★½ 2000

Liberal governor James Pryce (Selleck) is a shooin for the presidential nomination at the L.A. Democratic convention. But he still has to choose his veep running mate. And he's got four powerful women giving him opinions, including his wife Jenny (Travis), his campaign manager Lauren (Linney), Hollywood fundraiser Shawna (Hatcher), and boozy socialite Meg (Dunaway), who's the wife of Pryce's mentor (Culp). So will he go with the idealistic senator (Gunton) or the power broker (McGill)? 90m/C VHS, DVD . Tom Selleck, Laura Linney, Nancy Travis, Teri Hatcher, Bruce McGill, Bob Gunton, Faye Dunaway, Robert Culp, Caroline Aaron, Matt Malloy; D: Ron Lagomarsino; W: Claudia Salter; C: Alan Caso; M: John Debney. CABLE