Rossiter, John

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ROSSITER, John. Also writes as Jonathan Ross. British, b. 1916. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense. Career: Detective Chief Supt., Wiltshire Constabulary, 1939-69. Columnist, Wiltshire Courier, Swindon, 1963-64. Publications: The Murder Makers, 1970; The Deadly Green, 1970; The Victims, 1971; A Rope for General Dietz, 1972; The Manipulators, 1973; The Villains, 1974; The Golden Virgin (in U.S. as The Deadly Gold), 1975; The Man Who Came Back (non-mystery novel), 1978; Dark Flight (non- mystery novel), 1981. AS JONATHAN ROSS: The Blood Running Cold, 1968; Diminished by Death, 1968; Dead at First Hand, 1969; The Deadest Thing You Ever Saw, 1969; Here Lies Nancy Frail, 1972; The Burning of Billy Toober, 1974; I Know What It's Like to Die, 1976; A Rattling of Old Bones, 1979; Dark Blue and Dangerous, 1981; Death's Head, 1982; Dead Eye, 1983; Dropped Dead, 1984; Burial Deferred, 1985; Fate Accomplished, 1987; Sudden Departures, 1988; A Time for Dying, 1989; Daphne Dead and Done For, 1990; Murder Be Hanged, 1992; The Body of a Woman, 1994; Murder! Murder! Burning Bright, 1996; This Too Too Sullied Flesh, 1997. Address: 3 Leighton Home Farm Court, Wellhead Lane, Westbury, Wilts. BA13 3PT, England.