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Rorret ★★★ 1987

“Rorret” is “terror” spelled backwards—a good indication of the psychological and physical terror Mr. Rorret, the owner of the Peeping Tom Cinema, inflicts upon his female patrons. The Cinema is devoted to the horror film and Rorret himself dresses like Peter Lorre in “M”; lives behind the movie screen, watching the films in mirror image; and enjoys the frightened reactions of his female patrons. He enjoys their reactions so much that he later stalks the women for real. Highlighted by recreated sequences from such psychoterror classics as “Psycho,” “Dial M for Murder,” “Strangers on a Train,” and “Peeping Tom.” In Italian with English subtitles. 105m/C VHS . IT Lou Castel, Anna Galiena, Massimo Venturiello; D: Fulvio Wetzl; W: Fulvio Wetzl.

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