Romeo and Juliet 1968

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Romeo and Juliet ★★★½ 1968 (PG)

Young couple share love despite prohibitive conflict between their families in this adaptation of Shakespeare's classic play. Director Zeffirelli succeeds in casting relative novices Whiting and Hussey in the leads, but is somewhat less proficient in lending air of free-wheeling '60s appeal to entire enterprise. Kudos, however, to cinematographer Pasquale De Santis and composer Nina Rota. Also available in a 45-minute edited version. 138m/C VHS, DVD . GB IT Olivia Hussey, Leonard Whiting, Michael York, Milo O'Shea; D: Franco Zeffirelli; W: Franco Zeffirelli, Franco Brusati, Maestro D'Amico; C: Pasqualino De Santis; M: Nino Rota; Nar: Laurence Olivier. Oscars '68: Cinematog., Costume Des.; Golden Globes '69: Foreign Film; Natl. Bd. of Review '68: Director (Zeffirelli).