Rome, Margaret

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ROME, Margaret

ROME, Margaret. British. Genres: Romance/Historical. Publications: The Lottery for Matthew Devlin, 1968; The Marriage of Caroline Lindsay, 1968; A Chance to Win, 1969; Flower of the Marsh, 1969; Man of Fire, 1970; Bird of Paradise, 1970; Chateau of Flowers, 1971; The Girl at Eagles' Mount, 1971; Bride of the Rif, 1972; Island of Pearls, 1973; The Bartered Bride, 1973; Palace of the Hawk, 1974; Valley of Paradise, 1975; Cove of Promises, 1975; The Girl at Dane's Dyke, 1975; Adam's Rib, 1976; Bride of Zarco, 1976; Lion of Venice, 1977; The Thistle and the Rose, 1977; Son of Adam, 1978; Castle of the Fountains, 1979; Champagne Spring, 1979; Isle of Calypso, 1979; Marriage by Capture, 1980; Miss High and Mighty, 1980; The Wild Man, 1980; Second-Best Bride, 1981; King of Kielder, 1981; Castle in Spain, 1981; Rapture of the Deep, 1982; Valley of Gentians, 1982; Bay of Angels, 1983; Castle of the Lion, 1983; Lord of the Land, 1983; Bride by Contract, 1984; Pagan Gold, 1989. Address: c/o Mills and Boon Ltd, Eton House, 18-24 Paradise Rd, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1SR, England.