The Roaring Twenties

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The Roaring Twenties ★★★½ 1939

Eddie (Cagney), George (Bogart), and Lloyd (Lynn) are three WWI buddies who find their lives intersecting unexpectedly in Prohibitionera New York. Eddie becomes a bootlegger and vies with George for status as crime boss. Lloyd is the attorney working to prosecute them. Great gangster flick was the last time Bogart and Cagney worked together after “Angels with Dirty Faces” (1938) and “The Oklahoma Kid” (1939). Cheesy script delivered with zest by top pros. 106m/B VHS, DVD . James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Jeffrey Lynn, Priscilla Lane, Gladys George, Frank McHugh, Paul Kelly, Joseph (Joe) Sawyer; D: Raoul Walsh; W: Robert Rossen, Richard Macaulay; C: Ernest Haller; M: Heinz Roemheld, Ray Heindorf.