The Road Home 2001

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The Road Home ★★★ Wo De Fu Qin Mu Qin 2001 (G)

Sweet story about enduring love. Luo Yuseng (Honglei) returns to his Chinese village to bury his father. He learns his mother wants to have a funeral ritual performed as a mark of respect, which involves carrying the coffin to the cemetery. Flashbacks show how young illiterate beauty Zhao Di (Ziyi) caught the eye of Luo Changyu (Hao), the new schoolteacher, who comes from the city and is of a higher class. But Changyu falls victim to the political climate of the '50s and must leave her behind, promising to return. And she promises to wait. The flashbacks are filmed in color while the present is filmed in B&W. Chinese with subtitles. 89m/C VHS, DVD . CH Zhang Ziyi, Honglei Sun, Zheng Hao, Zhao Yuelin, Bin Li; D: Yimou Zhang; W: Bao Shi; C: Hou Yong; M: San Bao.