Road to Riches

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Road to Riches ★★★ Strange Hearts 2001 (R)

This independent feature by first-timer Gallagher is a happy surprise, thanks especially to McGowan and Forster. Middleaged Jack (Forster) is very protective of the emotionally disturbed Moira (McGowan). Then cocky, handsome, and exceptionally lucky young Henry (Pardue) comes along and takes Moira away without realizing the extent of her problems. Jack is not about to let her go so easily, but he needs some good luck of his own to get her back. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Robert Forster, Rose McGowan, Kip Pardue, Harry Hamlin; D: Michelle Gallagher; W: Michelle Gallagher; C: Adam Holender; M: Fletcher Beasley.