Road to Nhill

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Road to Nhill ★★ 1997

Very Aussie comedy filled with eccentric characters. An isolated, rural community is thrown into a tizzy when four female members of the local bowling team are in an accident that traps them in their overturned car. Volunteer emergency services rush into action but head off in the wrong direction and the women finally manage to free themselves, with various local yokels inept aid at the scene. Ensemble cast is fine. 95m/C VHS . AU Lynette Curran, Patricia Kennedy, Lois Ramsey, Monica Maughan, Paul Chubb, Bill Hunter, Kerry Walker, Matthew Dyktynski, Terry Norris, Bill Young, Tony Barry, Alwyn Kurts; D: Sue Brooks; W: Alison Tilson; C: Nicolette Freeman; M: Elizabeth Drake.