Riefe, Alan

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RIEFE, Alan. Also writes as J. D. Hardin, Zachary Hawkes, T. G. Horne, Jake Logan, E. B. Majors, Barbara Riefe, Ann Cameron. American, b. 1925. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/Historical, Westerns/Adventure, Novellas/Short stories, Horror, Novels. Career: Freelance writer. Publications: Tales of Horror (short stories), 1965; Vip's Illustrated Woman Driver's Manual, 1966. SUSPENSE NOVELS: The Lady Killers, 1975; The Conspirators, 1975; The Black Widower, 1975; The Silver Puma, 1975; The Bullet- Proof Man, 1975; The Killer with the Golden Touch, 1975; Tyger at Bay, 1976; Tyger by the Tail, 1976; The Smile on the Face of the Tyger, 1976; Tyger and the Lady, 1976; Hold that Tyger, 1976; Tyger, Tyger, Burning Out, 1976. WESTERNS: Fortunes West series: Tucson, 1988, Cheyenne, 1988, San Francisco, 1989, Salt Lake City, 1989; Viper, 1990; Scared to Death, 1991; Visiting Hours, 1992; Next of Kin, 1993; The Stranger in My Bed, 1993; Iroquois Chronicles, Book I: For Love of Two Eagles, 1995, Book II: Mohawk Woman, 1996, Book III: Against All Odds, 1997. HISTORICAL ROMANCE AS BARBARA RIEFE: Barringer House, 1976; Rowleston, 1976; Auldearn House, 1976; This Ravaged Heart, 1977, Far beyond Desire, 1978; Fire and Flesh, 1978 (trilogy); Tempt Not This Flesh, 1979; Blackfire, 1980; So Wicked the Heart, 1980; Olivia, 1981; Wild Fire, 1981; Julia, 1981; Lucretia, 1981; Wicked Fire, 1983; This Proud Love, 1986; An Extraordinary Woman, 1986; The Woman Who Fell from the Sky, 1994. WESTERNS AS JAKE LOGAN: Bloody Trail to Texas, 1976; See Texas and Die, 1976; Montana Showdown, 1977; Iron Mustang, 1977; White Hell, 1977. WESTERNS AS J.D. HARDEN: The Slick and the Dead, 1979; Blood, Sweat and Gold, 1979; The Good, the Bad and the Deadly, 1980; Bullets, Buzzards, Boxes of Pine, 1980; The Man Who Bit Snakes, 1980; Face Down in a Coffin, 1981; Bloody Time in Blacktower, 1981; The Man with No Face, 1981; Queens over Deuces, 1982; Carnival of Death, 1982; The Great Jewel Robbery, 1983; Apache Trail, 1983; Hell's Belle, 1984; Murder on the Missouri, 1985; The Swindler's Trail, 1986; The Black Hills Showdown, 1986; Thunder Mountain Massacre, 1987; Tombstone in Deadwood, 1988; The Yuma Roundup, 1988; The Cheyenne Fraud, 1988; The Silver City Ambush, 1988; Wilderness Manhunt, 1989; Black Hills Trackdown, 1989. WESTERNS AS ZACHARY HAWKES: Fancy Hatch, 1984; The Odds against Sundown, 1984; The Case Deuce, 1985; Solomon King's Mine, 1985. WESTERNS AS E.B. MAJORS: Slaughter and Son, 1985; Nightmare Trail, 1985; Hair Trigger Kill, 1986; Death in Diablo, 1986. WESTERNS AS T.G. HORNE: The Stolen White Eagle, 1987; The Fleecing of Fodder City, 1987; Winner Take Nothing, 1987; The Spanish Monte Fiasco, 1988; Double Trouble in Skagway, 1988; The Cockeyed Coyote, 1988. MYSTERY AS ANN CAMERON: Knife, 1981.