Ridley, Philip

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RIDLEY, Philip

RIDLEY, Philip. British, b. 1964. Genres: Children's fiction, Novels, Plays/Screenplays. Career: Novelist, painter, playwright, screenwriter, film director, stage director, lyricist. Publications: FOR CHILDREN. FICTION: Mercedes Ice, 1989; Dakota of the White Flats, 1989; Krindlekrax, 1991; Kasper in the Glitter, 1994; Meteorite Spoon, 1994; Dreamboat Zing, 1996; Hooligan's Shampoo, 1996; Scribbleboy, 1997; Zinderzunder, 1998; Vinegar Street, 2000. PLAYS: Two Plays for Young People: Fairytaleheart and Sparkleshark, 1998. FOR ADULTS. FICTION: Crocodilia, 1988; In the Eyes of Mr. Fury, 1989; Flamingoes in Orbit, 1991. PLAYS: The Pitchfork Disney, 1991; The Fastest Clock in the Universe, 1992; Ghost from a Perfect Place, 1994; The Krays (screenplay), 1997; The American Dreams: The Reflecting Skin and the Passion of Darkly Noon (screenplay), 1997; Ridley: Plays One (collection), 1997. Address: (for fiction) c/o Caradoc King, A.P. Watt Literary Agents, 20 John Street, London WC1 2DR, England.