Ride Clear of Diablo

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Ride Clear of Diablo ★★½ 1954

Crooked Sheriff Kenyon (Birch) and equally crooked lawyer Meredith (Pullen) murder Clay O'Mara's (Murphy) father and brother. He vows to get revenge, aided by gunslinger Whitey Kincade (Duryea). Then Laurie (Cabot), Kenyon's niece and Meredith's fiance, comes to Clay's attention. Macho Technicolor western with a likeable cast. 80m/C VHS . Audie Murphy, Dan Duryea, Susan Cabot, Paul Birch, William Pullen, Abbe Lane, Russell Johnson, Jack Elam, Lane Bradford, Holly (Mike Ragan) Bane, Denver Pyle; D: Jesse Hibbs; W: George Zuckerman, D.D. Beauchamp; C: Irving Glassberg.