Rejai, Mostafa

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REJAI, Mostafa

REJAI, Mostafa. American (born Iran), b. 1931. Genres: Politics/ Government. Career: Miami University, Oxford, OH, assistant professor, 1964-67, associate professor, 1967-70, professor, 1970-83, distinguished professor, 1983-. Journal of Political and Military Sociology, associate editor. Publications: (ed. and co-author) Democracy: The Contemporary Theories, 1967; (ed.) Mao Tse Tung on Revolution and War, 1970; (co-author) Ideologies and Modern Politics, 1971, 3rd ed., 1981; (ed. and co-author) Decline of Ideology, 1971; The Strategy of Political Revolution, 1973; The Comparative Study of Revolutionary Strategy, 1977; Leaders of Revolution, 1979; World Revolutionary Leaders, 1983; Comparative Political Ideologies, 1984; Loyal- ists and Revolutionaries: Political Leaders Compared, 1988; Political Ideologies: A Comparative Approach, 1991, 2nd ed., 1995; Demythologizing an Elite: American Presidents in Empirical, Comparative, and Historical Perspectives, 1993; World Military Leaders: A Collective and Comparative Analysis, 1996; Leaders and Leadership: An Appraisal of Theory and Research, 1997; The Young Washington: Toward a Psychobiography, 2000; Concepts of Leadership in Western Political Thought, 2002. Address: Dept of Political Science, Harrison Hall Rm 218, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056-2807, U.S.A.