Rejection Front [1]

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Coalition of groups within the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), formed in November 1973 following the Arab defeat in the 1973 War to oppose any leadership strategy to seek negotiations with Israel. Formed through the impetus of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) with the support of the Iraqi Baʿth Party, the front united the most radical of the Palestinian movements, including the PFLP, the Arab Liberation Front, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine—General Command, the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, and the Palestine Liberation Front (1977). Between 1974 and 1978 the Rejection Front contested all attempts, whether American, Arab, Palestinian, or Israeli, to start Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. Political changes after the Camp David Accords of 1978 drew the front's constituents back into the PLO and the front ceased to exist by 1980.

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