The Raven 1935

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The Raven ★★★ 1935

A lunatic surgeon (Lugosi), who has a dungeon full of torture gadgets inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's stories, is begged by a man to save his daughter's life. The surgeon does, and then falls in love with the girl. But when she rejects his love (she's already engaged), he plans revenge in his chamber of horrors. Karloff plays the criminal who winds up ruining the mad doctor's plans. Lugosi is at his prime in this role, and any inconsistencies in the somewhat shaky script can be overlooked because of his chilling performance. 62m/B VHS, DVD . Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Irene Ware, Lester Matthews, Samuel S. Hinds; D: Lew Landers; W: David Boehm, Jim Tully; C: Charles Stumar.