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RANDLES, Jenny. (Jennifer Christine). British, b. 1951. Genres: Paranormal. Career: Writer. British UFO Research Association, director of investigations, 1981-94, information and investigator training officer, 1994-; ITV Television, consultant for a news and information program on the paranormal, TV series consultant "Strange But True?," 1995; Writer and presenter BBC TV documentary on UFOs, 1996; 1988-92; British Telecom Network, writer and presenter of UFO Call, a weekly telephone news and information service, 1988-; consultant to Chicago's J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies; co-founder, The New UFOlogist magazine, 1994. Publications: (with P. Warrington) UFOs: A British Viewpoint, 1979; UFO Study, 1981; Alien Contact, 1982; UFO Reality, 1983; The Pennine UFO Mystery, 1983; (with B. Butler and D. Street) Sky Crash, 1984, rev. ed., 1986; (with P. Warrington) Science and the UFOs, 1985; Beyond Explanation? Strange Experiences of Famous People, 1985; Sixth Sense, 1986; The UFO Conspiracy, 1987; Abduction, 1988, reprinted as Alien Abductions, 1989; (with P. Hough) Death by Supernatural Causes?, 1988, 1989; Phantoms of the Soap Operas, 1989; Mind Monsters, 1990; (with P. Fuller) Crop Circles: The Mystery Solved, 1990, rev. ed., 1993; (with P. Hough) Scary Stories, 1991; From out of the Blue, 1991, rev. ed., 1993; (with P. Hough) Looking for the Aliens, 1992; (with P. Hough) Spontaneous Human Combustion, 1992; UFOs and How to See Them, 1992, rev. ed., 1993; Aliens: The Real Story, 1993; (with P. Hough) Mysteries of the Mersey Valley, 1993; The Paranormal Year, 1993; (with P. Hough) The Afterlife: An Investigation into the Mysteries of Life after Death, 1993; The Unexplained, 1994; Time Travel, 1994; (with P. Hough) Strange But True?, 1994; The World's Strangest True UFO Stories, 1994; Star Children, 1995; UFO Retrievals, 1995; The Paranormial Source Book, 1995; Life After Death, 1996. Work represented in anthologies. Contributor to paranormal research journals, magazines, and newspapers. Address: 1 Hallsteads Close, Dove Holes, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 8BS, England.

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Randles, Jenny

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