Raising Victor Vargas

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Raising Victor Vargas ★★½ Long Way Home 2003 (R)

Fifteenyearold Latino Victor (Rasuk) thinks he's pretty hot stuff in his Lower East Side New York neighborhood as he spends his summer vacation chasing the local hotties. His feisty oldworld Grandma (Guzman), who's raising Victor and his two younger siblings, begs to differ but the kids try to keep Grandma in the dark. Then Victor meets Judy (Marte), who's too smart to fall for his lines, and Victor really gets some lessons in love. 87m/C VHS, DVD . US Victor Rasuk, Judy Marte, Melonie Diaz, Altagracia Guzman, Silvestre Rasuk, Krystal Rodriguez, Kevin Rivera; D: Peter Sollett; W: Peter Sollett; C: Tim Orr; M: Roy Nathanson.