Raising Flagg

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Raising Flagg ★★ 2006 (PG-13)

Flagg Purdy (Arkin) is a smalltown handyman with a stubborn streak and a continuing feud with his neighbor Gus (Pendleton). Their latest fracas causes a public humiliation and a crisis for Flagg and he takes to his bed, sure he's about to meet his maker. So his family reluctantly gath ers to figure out what to do about dad now. 102m/C DVD . Alan Arkin, Austin Pendleton, Barbara Dana, Lauren Holly, Glenne Headly, Matthew Arkin, Daniel Quinn, Stephanie Lemelin, Dawn Maxey, Richard Kind, Clifton James, Vana O'Brien; D: Neal Miller; W: Nancy Miller, Dorothy Velasco; C: Erich Roland; M: Alan Barcus, Les Hooper.