Pulse 2001

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Pulse ★★½ Kairo 2001

Set in dirty and industrial Tokyo, a great example of Japanese horror. Don't look for logic because its not here. Instead there's tension and dread surrounding disquieting images hosted by a malevolent website. A group of friends are shocked by the suicide of another friend and are then haunted by ghostly computer images. Other people continue to die or disappear in strange ways, as Tokyo becomes an increasingly desolate place. 118m/C DVD . JP Kumiko Aso, Koyuki, Shun Sugata, Masayuki Shionoya, Shinji Takeda, Koji Yakusho, Haruhiko Kato, Kurume Arisaka, Masatoshi Matsuo, Kenji Mizuhashi, Jun Fubuki; D: Kiyoshi Kurosawa; W: Kiyoshi Kurosawa; C: Junichiro Hayashi; M: Takefumi Haketa.