Pryce-Jones, David

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PRYCE-JONES, David. British (born Austria), b. 1936. Genres: Novels, History, Travel/Exploration, Documentaries/Reportage, Essays. Career: Literary Ed., Time and Time, 1960-61, and The Spectator, London, 1964. Publications: Owls and Satyrs, 1961; Graham Greene, 1962; The Sands of Summer, 1963; Next Generation, 1964; Quondam, 1965; The Stranger's View, 1967; The Hungarian Revolution, 1968; Running Away, 1969; The Face of Defeat, 1972; (ed.) Evelyn Waugh and His World, 1973; The England Commune, 1974; Unity Mitford: A Quest, 1976; Vienna, 1978; Shirley's Guild, 1979; Paris in the Third Reich, 1981; Cyril Connolly, Journal and Memoir, 1983; The Afternoon Sun, 1986; The Closed Circle, 1989; Inheritance, 1992; You Can't Be too Careful, 1992; The War That Never Was, 1995. Address: c/o Aitken & Stone Ltd, 29 Fernshaw Rd, London SW10 0TG, England.